Omkarananda Ashram

Omkarananda Ashram , run by a group of Sanyasis (sages) and located at a place Muni-Ke-Reti the bank of river Ganges, is established long back in 1967. The Ashram is under the dynamic leadership of Shri. Omkarananda, a recipient of many awards and is engaged in many social activities for the accomplishment of spiritual and physical well being of the society.

The activities are mainly in the fields of cultural, social, religious and educational.The Ashram is hosting a kindergarten and a school, where classic Indian music and dance classes are also conducted. This ashram offers yoga classes for benefit of public.

Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas is a spiritually focused non-political, scientific, cultural, educational, humanitarian, Charitable Trust, which persistently strives to provide untiring selfless service for spiritual enhancement and to create an infinite source of happiness and bliss through God realization in daily life.The Ashram was established by Sage and Philosopher Swami Omkarananda who is an embodiment of highest spirituality, with the prime objective to love, serve and help all equally.

The Ashram aims to create a sanctum where spirituality encompasses every action, where truth attains a personality, divine love becomes an all-pervading reality and peace becomes an eternal constant companion.

The Ashram has personally volunteered various service projects and activities to serve and uplift the various communities through its 2 registered Trusts -
Swami Omkarananda Saraswati Charitable Trust
Swami Omkarananda Dharma Samsthan.